Unsere Werte, unser Versprechen

Integrity and Customer-Orientation

Satisfaction and our customers’ success are the objectives of our entrepreneurial activities. In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we offer flexible, innovative solutions and high-quality service. In addition, so as to better solve the problems presented to us in our customers’ interests, we maintain close contact with our clients. In doing so, we place value on mutual trust and respect.


Top performance and providing the best possible service is our aim at all times. Our goal is to achieve a high level of quality for all our contract-manufactured products and to imrove this quality continuously. Through high quality standards and the continual optimisation of our processes, we strive to offer services that are consistent with or even exceed our customers’ expectations.

Commitment and Team Spirit

We all approach new challenges with full dedication and are ready to take responsibility for meeting them successfully. Flexibility and teamwork are the key factors in our company’s philosophy – we can only be sucessful together. For us equal opportunities are just as important as the systematic encouragement of our employees. Satisfied, well-trained employees are a cornerstone for our company’s continuing progress.


Through a continual learning process, we find new ideas and share them with our customers. We consider change to be a chance to learn. For us it is important to understand technological advances, and to recognise and implement new production methods as early as possible. We carry out numerous training measures as an investment in the knowledge and skills of our staff. This contributes to a better understanding of our work processes and their optimization.

Code of conduct

Willingness to assume social responsibility, respect, tolerance, honesty and openness, as well as integrity towards employees and customers.


We want to protect our environment sustainably and do our part  to preserve it. We want to use energy and resources sparingly and work with our customers ans suppliers on improvements in order to determine further savings in dealing with energy sources and waste.

Sense of Responsibility

Wherever we are active, we endeavour to build effective, long-term contacts with the local administration and authorities. We take responsibility for the environment and comply with all environmental regulations and legal requirements. Beyond this, we take ecological criteria into account in the planning phase of new projects.


In the drying sector we strive to be a valued partner on the global market, where we guide our clients throughout the research and developing phase of new products, towards the production on an industrial scale.