Starting materials: • Moist powder • granulate • filter cake • moist bulk materials

Fluidized bed drying is the ideal process for controlled, gentle and even drying of moist powders, filter cakes and granulates with a high residual moisture. Thanks to the intensive heat and material transport, this process is both time-saving and effective. Drying in the fluidized bed is also suitable for ultimately eliminating residual moisture from granulates and particles after spray granulation. However, if a certain residual moisture is intentional, this can easily be achieved by set temperatures in the fluidized bed.


Fluidized bed plants are ideal for drying wet solids. Hereby, the process air that flows through the fluidized bed is pre-dried and conditioned in such a way that it can absorb the moisture of the product to be dried. Another advantage of fluidized bed dryers: Thanks to the excellent material and heat exchange, the drying in the fluidized bed works efficiently even at low temperatures.

Fluidized bed drying also achieves optimum results as redrying– e.g. in spray-dried or spray-granulated, extruded or mixer-manufactured products. It guarantees perfect results when very low residual moisture values are demanded.

Advantages of fluid bed drying:

  • Gentle drying: Due to the moderate temperature and the short residence time in the fluid bed dryer, the process is particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive products.
  • Uniform drying: The intensive mixing of the drying material in the fluidised bed ensures homogeneous drying and prevents the formation of moist spots.
  • Efficient process management: Optimal heat and mass transfer in the fluid bed granulator ensures short drying times and high energy efficiency.
  • Precise control: The drying temperature and the residence time in the fluid bed dryer can be individually adjusted to the respective product properties.