Starting materials: • Powders • fine granulates

Spray agglomeration is a process for improving the properties of fine powders. By specifically increasing the particle size with the aid of binders, properties such as flowability, wettability, and dispersibility are optimised.

Spray agglomeration – How it works:

In spray agglomeration, the fine powder particles are suspended in a fluid bed granulator. A liquid binder is then sprayed on evenly. Due to the resulting surface tension, the particles adhere to each other and form larger agglomerates.

Advantages of spray agglomeration:

  • Improved flowability: Agglomerated powders are easier to dose and process.
  • Optimised wettability: The porous surface of the agglomerates ensures faster and more complete wetting with liquids.
  • Improved dispersibility: Agglomerates dissolve more easily and lump-free in liquids.
  • Reduced dust generation: The larger particles generate less dust, thus improving working conditions.

Application areas of spray agglomeration:

Spray agglomeration offers advantages for a variety of applications, e.g.:

  • Production of instant products
  • Improvement of the tableting properties of powders
  • Optimisation of the processing properties of pigments and fillers

Spray agglomeration at inprotec – Your benefits:

  • Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field of agglomeration.
  • State-of-the-art fluid bed systems for the efficient agglomeration of powders.
  • Individual process development and optimisation for your application.
  • Highest quality standards and reliable results.