At inprotec, we rely on state-of-the-art processes and technologies to meet your contract drying and contract manufacturing requirements. Two processes are at the heart of our range of services: spray drying and fluid bed technology.


Spray drying – fast and efficient

Spray drying is a particularly efficient process for transforming solutions, suspensions, or emulsions into free-flowing powders. In the spray tower, the product to be dried is finely atomised and passes through a stream of hot air. Within a few seconds the liquid evaporates and finest powder particles with defined properties are produced.


Fluid bed technology – versatile and flexible

Fluid bed technology opens up a wide range of possibilities for processing powders and granules. At the centre of this is the fluid bed dryer, in which a gas flowing through from below creates a so-called fluidised bed.

Fluid bed technology enables a wide range of processes:

  • Fluid bed drying: Gentle and uniform drying of moist powders, granules, and filter cakes.
  • Spray granulation: Conversion of liquids into free-flowing granules with defined properties.
  • Coating: Targeted coating of particles with different materials.
  • Spray agglomeration: Enlarging and improving the properties of fine powders.

By combining different process steps in the fluid bed dryer, the properties of the products to be processed can be specifically influenced.

Advantages of fluid bed technology:

  • Precise control of particle size and shape
  • Homogeneous product quality
  • Dust-free processing
  • Gentle treatment of temperature-sensitive products

Partner concept - finding the optimal solution together

Do you have special requirements for which there is no suitable solution yet? No problem! With our partner concept, we work with you to develop innovative processes that are precisely tailored to your needs. Whether spray drying or fluid bed technology – we will find the optimal solution for your product!