There are hundreds of professions, making it challenging to find the right one. inprotec GmbH offers you a valuable opportunity to explore various fields, learn about tasks, and try things out. Seize the chance! Discover the diversity! Experience the synergy between people and machines. Explore how fluidized bed and spray drying technology works.

Welcome to inprotec GmbH – and possibly your future!


Every internship provides a glimpse into your future career and can be the foundation for an important decision. Students at all our locations have the opportunity to complete a mandatory internship (BORS, BOGY, OiB) or a voluntary one.

During the internship, we introduce you to different departments. Our apprentices will accompany you on a tour of our company, giving you the opportunity to ask many questions.

Matching your career interests, you will gain a deeper insight into a department and its typical tasks in the following days. This allows you to experience firsthand what your future career could look like.

We look forward to having you!