If you want to manufacture detergents and cleaning agents, you need reliable and reproducible processes. The products must be well pourable, easily dosable and, at the same time, redispersible – in reliably high quality. At the same time, pressure of competition on the consumer market demands low product costs. The fluidized bed technology meets these requirements perfectly, for example with the spray granulation, and it is also economical. The material is used efficiently in the process, raw materials act highly effectively by the choice of the right process conditions and excellent product properties assure competitiveness.

These product properties include environmental friendliness: More than half of German consumers value environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents highly. This frequently demands new recipes and therefore new production techniques. Our customers are facing a challenge – and we stand by them with more than 20 years of experience. Our detergents are dust-free and easily dosable and components such as tensides and defoamers are incorporated without problems by means of the fluidized bed technology. We follow the trend towards compact detergents by manufacturing accordingly compact granulates.

Together with our customers, we think over the whole issue from the initial materials to the finished product and develop the optimum process for it. The results of this constant innovation are regularly confirmed by a leading German consumer safety group (Stiftung Warentest): Nothing removes dirt and stains as well as a powder detergent. We, as an innovative thinking and creatively active contract dryer and manufacturer, are rightly a little proud of this. Make use of our partner concept!


The configuration and manufacture of detergents and cleaning agents has always been inprotec AG’s most important market. With the purchase of the former Henkel granulation plants in Genthin in 2009, we were able to further expand our portfolio in contract drying and manufacture. In 2017, we made another massive investment to extend our production capacities by 50,000 tons per year.

Application Examples For The Fluidized Bed Technology

  • Automatic dishwasher cleaner
  • Washing powder raw materials
  • Defoamers
  • Tensides
  • Functional additives
  • Sequestrants