Good fodders ensure that our livestock achieves a high performance world-wide. The flours, pellets and grain blends used as fodder additives should be dust-free, homogeneous and easily dosable for further processing. To ensure this, the animal fodder industry is working constantly on innovations. As a partner to this industry, we, as a contract dryer and contract manufacturer, choose and refine the suitable manufacturing processes in close cooperation.

The spray drying, especially, has proven itself in the fodder market. This efficient and controlled drying produces fine, dust-free and pourable products. The starting material is usually liquefied and then finely atomized. The heat exchange with the drying air is brief and intensive – this creates powdery particles with particle sizes between 20 and 200 µm.


In addition to the spray drying technology, the fluidized bed technology also offers various possibilities for forming different products or functional ingredients. Various processes can be performed in just one apparatus with this technology, such as spray granulation and agglomeration or coating. Coating is particularly useful for covering up an unpleasant smell or taste in the production of animal fodder. In the fluidized bed spray granulation, drying is united with a precisely definable particle formation. Dust-free granulates are the result.

Together with our customers, we think over the whole issue from the initial materials to the finished product and develop the optimum process for it – a matter of course for us as an innovative thinking and creatively active contract dryer and contract manufacturer. Make use of our partner concept<verlinken>!

As the customer, you specify the particle size as well as other parameters of the granulate. We meet your quality requirements by strict analyses and compliance with legal specifications and regulations. We guarantee top quality in contract drying and manufacture. inprotec GmbH is FAMI-QS-certified and has Alpha number registration at both sites, Heitersheim and Genthin.

Application Examples

  • Smell masking
  • Taste masking
  • Targeted release behaviour