Plastic products only unfold their full performance with the right additives. In the so-called compounding, the additives are used to adapt the material properties of the finished plastic to the respective requirements. In addition, the additives improve the chemical, mechanical or electrical properties of the polymer or composite material among other things.

The spectrum of plastic additives is immense – and accordingly varied are the processes. More than half of the additives serve as softeners. They reduce hardness and brittleness and make the plastic more malleable. In order to ensure good subsequent processing, the additives must be able to penetrate the plastic at a molecular level.

Additives are used equally frequently as stabilizers. They prolong the life of the plastic and at the same time protect it – for example against heat (e.g. for PVC), fire, ultraviolet light or also oxidation. When plastic reacts with the oxygen in the air, for instance, it can become discoloured or the polymer chains can decompose or unwantedly re-network.

Another field in which we exploit our expertise as a contract dryer and manufacturer for plastic additives are the so-called reinforcement materials. These additives improve the physical properties of the polymers, to achieve greater elasticity or bending resistance, for example.

Together with our customers, we think over the whole issue from the initial materials to the finished product and develop the optimum process for it – a matter of course for us as an innovative thinking and creatively active contract dryer and contract manufacturer. Make use of our partner concept!

We have built up an immense know-how in plastics over the last two decades. A milestone was a large-scale project in 2010 in which we were able to convince an important customer and help to strengthen Germany’s standing as a location for the chemical industry.

Application Examples For The Fluidized Bed Technology

  • Flame retardants
  • Softeners
  • Heat stabilizers
  • Light stabilizers
  • Antioxidants
  • Composite materials