Do you need a solution for your special applications? We offer extensive know-how in the field of fine chemistry and, as a contract dryer and contract manufacturer, will find exactly the right drying process for you.

Spray drying offers the possibility of efficiently drying watery solutions, emulsions or suspensions under exactly defined temperature conditions. The liquids to be dried are very finely atomized and then transformed into powdery particles with particle sizes between 20 and 200 µm by short and intensive heat exchange with the drying air.

Fluidized bed drying, on the other hand, is ideal for homogeneous, controlled drying of moist powders, filter cake and granulates with a high residual moisture content. The fluidized bed drying technology is also extremely suitable for redrying when very low residual moisture values are required – for example, for spray-granulated, spray-agglomerated, extruded or mixer-manufactured products. The intensive heat and material exchange in the fluidized bed creates optimum conditions for fast and efficient drying, for example, with downstream cooling as well as subsequent packing in the desired package size.

The areas of application in fine chemistry are as varied as our customers. Powders, granulates and pellets are used, for example, to condition water and protect against lime. Our granulates provide slip-resistance when applying paints or varnishes. Last but not least, our powders and granulates speed up the innovation process when used for 3-D printing in the 3-D industry.

And we ourselves are also innovative. Together with our customers, we think over the whole issue from the initial materials to the finished product and develop the optimum process for it – a matter of course for us as an innovative thinking and creatively active contract dryer and contract manufacturer. Make use of our partner concept!

Application Examples

  • Water conditioning
  • Catalysts
  • Paints and varnishes
  • 3-D printing