As a contract service provider, inprotec AG is the ideal partner for the production of battery ingredients.

Cathode material, anode material or additives and intermediates often the path to the battery cell goes via customised solid systems.

Powdered multi-component systems with ideal mixing ratios down to the submicron range or free-flowing bulk materials with defined particle sizes – fluidised bed and spray drying technology offer a wide range of possibilities for optimising the properties of the powders and/or granulates and thus increasing performance.

The gentle drying processes make it possible to work with temperature-sensitive raw materials without impairing their subsequent function.


  • Contract production of high-quality powders and granulates (single and multi-component systems)
  • Solids and liquids are processed in combination as aqueous solutions, suspensions, emulsions or melts.
  • Feasibility study in laboratory scale (0.1 – 5 kg), up-scaling and small batch production (20 – 5,000 kg), large scale campaigns (20 – 10,000 t per+)
  • Total production capacity up to 150,000 t solid per year