At inprotec, we attach great importance to winning our customers not only as clients, but as long-term partners. Our partner concept is designed to focus on your individual needs and to shape the path to success together with you.


The 4 phases of our partner concept: Efficiency and security guaranteed

Clarification phase - the feasibility assessment

In this first phase, our experts sit down with you to clarify the fundamental questions: What do you expect from your product? Which properties are crucial? Have you already gained experience from test trials or manufacturing?

Within a few days, we assess the feasibility of your project and present you with proposals for implementation.

Laboratory Phase - The Feasibility Confirmation

Our in-house laboratory is the place where the feasibility of your project is put to the test. Even at this stage, our experts can assess whether your project can be implemented on an industrial scale. The laboratory phase also takes only a few days. At the end, you will receive semi-representative samples of your product – a first tangible implementation of your ideas and concepts.

Pilot phase - representative samples

The pilot phase aims to produce reproducible samples of your product. We define the process parameters for future production campaigns and prepare a budget calculation. The prototypes will serve you to evaluate market opportunities or to conduct further tests. Our pilot plant can produce sample quantities from 20 to 5,000 kilograms in both batch and continuous processes, making it ideal for small-scale production.

Production phase - large-scale campaigns

Finally, the contract drying or contract manufacturing of your powder or granules begins in the industrial production facilities. We start with a trial phase in which the results from the pilot phase are optimized and the process parameters are adjusted to obtain the best possible product with consistent quality. In the course of further production campaigns, the process parameters and sequences are developed and optimized step by step.

Our partner concept allows us to work closely with you and ensure that your requirements are met. We invite you to contact us and learn more about our partner concept. Together we can shape the path to success.