At inprotec, you are more than just a customer. We see our clients as partners with whom we cooperate in a trusting and long-term manner. Our partner concept focuses on your individual needs and accompanies you on the way from the idea to the marketable product – of course also with the contract drying and contract manufacturing of your powders and granules.


Four Phases – one goal: Your succes

Our partner concept is based on four phases that guarantee you maximum efficiency and security:

Clarification phase - the feasibility assessment

In an initial meeting, we will work with you to analyse the requirements for your product and clarify important questions: Which properties are decisive? What experience do you already have?

Within a few days you will receive from us an initial assessment of the feasibility and concrete proposals for implementation.

Laboratory Phase - The Feasibility Confirmation

In our in-house laboratory, we test the feasibility of your project in detail and check whether the desired properties can also be achieved on an industrial scale. After a few days you will receive the first representative samples of your product – an important step to make your vision tangible.

Pilot phase - representative samples

In the pilot phase, we produce reproducible samples of your product under real production conditions. This allows us to define the process parameters for future campaigns, create a detailed budget calculation, and give you the opportunity to evaluate the market opportunities of your product or perform further tests. Our pilot plant enables both batch and continuous processes and is ideal for sample quantities of 20 to 5,000 kilograms.

Production phase - large-scale campaigns

In the final phase, we start the contract drying or contract manufacturing of your powder or granulate in our industrial production plants. In order to guarantee a consistently high product quality, the results of the pilot phase are optimised once again in an initial test phase and the process parameters are fine-tuned. In the course of further production, we continuously optimise the processes and develop your product step by step.

Our partner concept enables us to work closely with you and ensure that your requirements are optimally met in every phase. Contact us – together we will make your product a success!