inprotec AG, as a contract dryer and manufacturer, relies on two different technologies to meet all their customers’ requirements: on spray drying technology and on fluidized bed technology.

In the classic spray drying, solutions, suspensions or emulsions are processed into fine-grained, free-flowing powders, whereby the respective product is first finely atomized in the spray tower. The created spray mist is dried within seconds in free fall through the hot air (convection).

In the fluidized bed technology, a gas medium flows through the starting and raw materials. This flow sets the particles in a fluid state – they mix with the medium. This creates a pourable, loosened mass of fine-grained particles, a so-called fluidized bed. In the fluidized bed process, the raw materials are also dried rapidly or refined by processes such as spray granulation, coating or spray agglomeration.

Different procedural and process steps can be combined in inprotec AG’s fluidized bed plants. Our customers choose between the continuous and discontinuous mode of operation, also known as batch mode. In this way, the physical properties of the materials to be processed can be specifically influenced. The result: Particle systems in a precisely defined size and shape, homogeneous and dust-free. We will also gladly fulfil special requests: smell masking, controlled, delayed release of ingredients or particularly demanding protective coatings.

Our Partner Concept

And what if no suitable process exists yet? Then, we will develop it, with spray drying technology or fluidized bed technology, together with our customers. We have developed our partner concept especially for this. Its goal: To keep the time span between the idea and market launching of the product as short as possible. Our partners make the decisions together with us and benefit from our many years of inhouse expertise.

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