At inprotec, we are familiar with the packaging of powders and granulates on a daily basis. In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers in the long term, we have expanded our capacities in this area. But that’s not all – we also offer you the option of using our packaging facilities independently of contract drying. Our filling facilities are located in separate premises, separate from our production facilities, to ensure the highest quality and purity.


Plant overview:

  • 5 packaging units: Each unit has a maximum capacity of 3,000 tons of powder or granules per year. We offer the choice of box valve bags or open bags, according to your preferences.
  • 1 Full packaging unit: This unit has a maximum capacity of 9,000 tons of powder or granules per year using open bags.

Custom labeling and packaging options

Explore our flexible packaging option, available in both customized customer bags and tasteful neutral bags. We also offer specific labeling to your specifications. We also have the option of packaging in fiber drums, silo trucks, bags in cardboard or other containers upon request. We are flexible and adapt to your requirements.


The right solution for every quantity

Of course, we also professionally package trial and scale-up quantities produced in our laboratory and pilot plants. Our goal is to provide you with customized packaging solutions that meet your individual needs.

Advantages of contract packaging at inprotec:

  • Direct delivery channels: customers can have products delivered directly from the manufacturer to their end customer, reducing storage costs and shortening delivery times.
  • No additional costs from additional service providers: customers save money because no additional service providers such as packaging services or logistics companies are needed.
  • Specific packaging options: Customized packaging solutions are offered, including different packaging types, individual labeling and customization to customer preferences.
  • High capacities: Large quantities of powder or granules can be efficiently packaged.
  • Quality and purity: Separation of filling equipment and production equipment ensures the highest quality standards.
  • Flexibility: Adaptation to customer requirements, including different packaging containers.
  • Professional packaging for research quantities: Even small trial and scale-up quantities are professionally packaged.