Welcome to inprotec, your reliable partner for high-quality powders and granules. We are proud to offer you first-class products and to consider our customers’ needs as our own challenge. In every task, no matter how complex or demanding, we always strive for convincing results in all aspects.

Pioneering work in contract drying

inprotec is a pioneer in the development and production of innovative powders and granules for diverse industry segments. Our strength lies in providing reliable solutions for encapsulations and coatings. In addition, we are experts in developing granules in such a way that they release ingredients in a controlled and delayed manner. In the production of high-quality powders and granules, whether single- or multi-component systems, we rely on technologies such as spray drying and special continuous fluid bed granulation. We combine and process solids and liquids in various forms, including aqueous solutions, suspensions, emulsions and melts.

Contract packaging according to your needs

Our services also include the professional packaging of powders and granulates in a wide variety of containers. With expanded capacities and separate filling lines, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions, including individual labeling and packaging options in open-mouth bags, box valve bags, fiber drums and silo trucks. Our aim is to meet your specific requirements and provide you with flexible solutions.

PLUS SERVICE: All logistics from a single source

As an experienced contract dryer and contract manufacturer, inprotec takes care of all logistics related to contract production. We coordinate the delivery of raw materials and store both liquid and solid goods. Mixing and dosing are just as much a part of our core competencies as the reliable shipment of the end products. We are your partner for quality and service from start to finish.

You can find more information about our services and offerings here.


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