At inprotec, we do everything we can to provide our customers with a comprehensive service that goes beyond drying and processing. Our flexible logistics services complement our services and ensure that your products are transported and stored safely and efficiently.


Raw material delivery: Your starting materials in good hands

We transport liquid starting materials by road tankers, IBC containers and, if necessary, rail tank cars (possible at the Genthin site). We pack solid starting materials in big bags (250-1,000 kg), drums, bags (15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg) or silo vehicles. We will gladly organize the transport of the goods back to the client or to your desired external warehouse. Of course, we also take care of direct delivery to the end customer.

Storage: Safe and efficient

Our storage capacities are designed to store your products safely and efficiently.

Liquid storage:

In Heitersheim, 400m³ distributed over 8 storage tanks are available to you. In Genthin we offer 1,600m³ distributed over 12 storage tanks. Part of these tanks can be heated in order to also store the starting components optimally.

Fixed storage:

In Heitersheim, we are continuously expanding our capacities and already offer approx. 2,800 pallet spaces as well as approx. 80 spaces for dangerous goods class 9. In Genthin, approx. 1,150 pallet storage spaces are available. In addition, we offer solid material silos for bulk storage.

Storage: Your choice, our flexibility

Regardless of your needs and requirements, we offer the possibility of storage both on our own premises and in external warehouses. In Genthin, external storage facilities with around 10,000 pallet spaces are available, while in Heitersheim a further 1,000 pallet spaces can be used externally.