As part of our contract manufacturing services, we offer a wide range of conditioning options to transform your raw materials and starting substances into the desired form before drying and processing. At inprotec, we focus on precision and versatility to ensure that your preparations meet your exact requirements.

Our batch manufacturing and raw material processing services include:

  • Heating and cooling: We have a variety of stirred tanks to temper your batch liquids to your exact specifications.
  • Weighed batch tanks: these tanks allow us to produce even complex mixtures with extreme precision.
  • Homogeneous mixtures: We are experts in producing homogeneous mixtures, dispersions and emulsions from solid and liquid starting components. This is done with gravimetric dosing in mixing vessels of various sizes, from 1 to 25 cubic meters, equipped with high-shear mixers and ULTRA-TURRAX® systems.
  • Chemical reactions: Our expertise extends to simple chemical reactions such as complexation and neutralization, which can be performed in a variety of reaction vessels.


  • Perfect homogeneity: our core process ensures flawless mixing of solid and liquid multi-component systems to ensure uniform distribution in the final product.
  • Precise temperature control: We prepare your starting materials with extreme care by controlling the temperature to guarantee the highest quality.
  • Effective dispersion: Our expertise enables us to achieve dispersion effects that improve the quality of your products.
  • Trouble-free filtration: our equipment allows filtration steps to be carried out smoothly, resulting in clear and pure end products.
  • Raw material mixing in professional hands: With us, your raw materials are professionally mixed, so you don’t have to worry about pre-mixing.
  • Outsourcing of the mixing process: We take care of the mixing process for you, which relieves your internal resources and increases your efficiency.
  • Cost savings on transport: The central location of our site significantly reduces your transport costs.
  • Problem-free processing of sedimenting and reactive products: Our plants are designed to process even sedimenting and chemically reactive products with ease.
  • Certified environmental friendliness: We have BimschG approval for certain boilers, which underscores our environmental friendliness.

We understand the importance of accurate batch production and raw material processing to the success of your projects. Our highly skilled teams and equipment are ready to meet your unique requirements. Contact us to learn more about our batch manufacturing services and how we can help you optimize your production processes.