Quality is our top priority at inprotec. To ensure that we deliver first-class powders and granules, we perform comprehensive analyses covering all development and production processes. We place great emphasis on transparency and work closely with our customers to define the critical quality criteria for their products.

Customized analytics for your needs

Our analysis is based on a wide range of standard methods that we are constantly developing. In addition, we are always open to customer-specific methods that can be implemented in our laboratory. Talk to us about your specific requirements for the analysis of your products.

External analysis partners for special analyses

We perform some analyses, such as elemental analysis or microbial testing, in collaboration with accredited analytical partners to ensure that the highest levels of accuracy and reliability are maintained.


Our standard analyses include:

  • Water determination: we use various methods such as gravimetric and chemical methods (drying balances, drying oven, Karl-Fischer method) to determine water content.
  • Particle measurement: we use sieve towers, air jet sieves and laser diffraction to make precise particle measurements.
  • Loss on ignition determination: This analysis allows determination of loss on ignition and is an important factor in product quality.
  • Bulk density determination: We determine the bulk density of your products for more accurate characterization.
  • Sensory testing: Visual evaluation of the appearance and colour of your products is one of our standard procedures.
  • Microscopy: We analyse the particle structure and surface properties using state-of-the-art microscopy techniques.
  • pH determination: Measuring the pH value is a crucial step in product analysis.
  • Viscosity determination: we determine the viscosity of your products to better understand their flow properties.
  • Colour measurements: Our colour measurements ensure accurate and consistent colour characterization.
  • Gravimetric and volumetric methods: We use a variety of weight and volume measurements to provide accurate data.
  • Photometric determinations: Photometric methods allow for precise quantitative analysis.

Our analysis services are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into your products so you can optimize quality and performance. Contact us to learn more about our analysis services and work together to enhance your products.


  • Highest quality standards: our commitment to quality is ensured by continuous quality controls to meet all requirements.
  • Customer-oriented solutions: We implement customer requests in a flexible and timely manner, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Agile specification adaptations: Thanks to our efficient change management, we adapt specifications in record time to meet customer requirements.
  • your control, our expertise: full control over quality testing is in the hands of our customers, supported by our expertise when needed.
  • Tailor-made analyses: Our long-standing partnerships with external laboratories enable us to offer analysis services tailored to the customer.