Our Plus Service offers you a wide range of premium services and customized solutions to meet your needs in the areas of analysis, batch preparation, mixing and dispensing, and logistics.


Our premium services at a glance

Our analysis services

Quality is our top priority at inprotec. To ensure that we deliver premium powders and granules, we perform comprehensive analyses covering all development and production processes. Our analysis services include:

  • Water determination
  • Particle measurement
  • Loss on ignition determination
  • Bulk density determination

Our services are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into your products so you can optimize quality and performance.

Our Flexible Logistics Services

Our flexible logistics services complement our services and ensure that your products are transported and stored safely and efficiently.

Raw material delivery: Your starting materials in good hands

Storage: Safe and efficient

Regardless of your needs and requirements, we offer the option of storage both on our own premises and in third-party warehouses.

Perfect blends and precise metering

Our state-of-the-art mixing technologies make it possible to add additional solid components with extreme precision and accuracy. We create true masterpieces of mixing art.

Our mixing solutions, your benefits:

  • Wide range of mixer sizes
  • Mixers for every need
  • Extensive range of applications
  • Optimum temperature control

Whether complex formulations or special requirements – we exceed your expectations.

Batch manufacturing: Customized solutions for your raw materials

Our contract manufacturing services offer a wide range of conditioning options to transform your raw materials and feedstocks into the desired form prior to drying and processing. Our batch manufacturing includes:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Weighed batch tanks
  • Homogeneous blends
  • Chemical reactions

Contact us to learn more about our batch manufacturing services and how we can help you optimize your production processes.