Continuous investment in our equipment has made inprotec Europe’s largest contract dryer for powders and granules in just a few years. Our modern equipment is at the heart of our success and enables us to offer a wide range of services.


Development of new products: Flexibility and precision

We have various plant sizes available for the development of new products:

Feasibility trials: here we work with sample quantities from 0.1 to 5 kg. Our equipment includes 2 fluid bed spray granulation systems and 1 spray drying system.

Scale-up and small batch production: For sample and production quantities from 20 to 5,000 kg we use a fluid bed spray granulation plant. All production trials are conducted on our commercial equipment.


Large-scale industrial production: quality and capacity

Our large-scale industrial production takes place in Heitersheim as well as in Genthin and offers different plant sizes to meet the needs of our customers:

  • 5 fluid bed spray granulation plants with campaign sizes from 20 tonss
  • 2 fluid bed troughs with campaign sizes from 500 tons.
  • 1 spray tower with campaign sizes from 100 tons.
  • 1 wet agglomeration unit with campaign sizes from 500 tons.

Our production plants are extremely versatile and can be equipped with two-substance and high-pressure nozzles. In addition, the modification of two units enables the processing of highly viscous pastes.

Advantages of our plants:

  • Flexibility: our plants are extremely flexible and allow permanent adaptations to market requirements.
  • Continuous and batch processes: We offer both continuous and batch processing to meet your specific requirements.
  • No investment necessary: You do not need to make large investments in your own equipment, as we handle all production for you.
  • Continuous process improvement: we focus on continuous improvement to increase efficiency and achieve price reductions.
  • Attractive pricing model: Even for smaller campaigns, we can achieve attractive market prices.